Thursday, October 16, 2008

Redistribute the Wealth

Our first stage of creating class warfare is to act as if Americans aren't the luckiest people on the face of the earth. This will be difficult because even the poorest people in this country are now complaining because they have too much food, their cheap stuff from Walmart is helping them buy too many necessities while the stupid free market is providing cost-effective purchasing solutions for them to attain the goods and services they need.

We must distract people from all the good things they have and tell them how much the rich people are holding them back. This too is difficult because those rich people actually own the businesses where the poor people work. How do we make this task happen?

Simple. Let's tell everyone they can receive direct cash payment if they vote for class warfare. This simple bribe will relate receiving cash in exchange for formally hating another class. We should be able to secure enough votes based on this principle to allow us to use the government to bribe people for the coming elections.

We can then tax the rich people and businesses, pass along a couple hundred bucks to keep our promise which will make people feel good about themselves. We then keep 80% of the money we take from the rich and use this money in the next election cycle. We must continue to dangle this carrot in front of the mobs to keep them all hating each other.

While they are busy hating each other, we can maintain and grow our power. This allows us to destroy business and wealth so all the money we take becomes a much more effective carrot in the future. If we can get all the carrots, then we have permanent control over everyone. Then we win!

Good luck, followers. Make sure you tell everyone we will only tax the top 5%. This should buy us 95% of the vote.